‘SEO please!  My amazing website is online, but I’m not getting visitors.’

Do you have the ‘I Need More Website Traffic!’ headache?

‘Don’t panic. Take two aspirin, read the below checklist, and call the Web Guru in the morning.’

The ’12 Top SEO Boosts For Website Traffic – 2018′

  1. Do your pages and posts have unique meta title and meta descriptions?
  2. Does your site have an xml sitemap, and has it been sent to major search engines?
  3. Has your site been setup and verified on Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and Bing?
  4. Has your site been tested for web crawl errors to make sure links are all working?
  5. Are your site images sized properly and optimized with search engine friendly titles and alt tags?
  6. Has your site been flagged by search engines for duplicate content, auto generated content, not enough original content, linking schemes, keyword stuffing or for any of many other possible reasons?
  7. Do you have a unique H1 tag on every page, relevant keywords in titles, descriptions and URL slugs?
  8. Is your site mobile friendly?
  9. Does your site have outbound and inbound links to and from authoritative sites?
  10. Do you have social media business pages setup on Facebook and Twitter, and are they linked to your website?
  11. Have you created useful, high quality, SEO optimized site content and posted excerpts on Facebook/Twitter enticing social media users to engage with your site?
  12. Have you sent any email campaigns using your custom email template to your customer list, with article excerpts linking back to your site?
  • Bonus:  Encourage happy customers to leave reviews on Google+,  then display link to reviews prominently on your site.  Positive customer reviews on google+ help site ranking tremendously but it can be time consuming work. If you want a little help obtaining quality reviews check out Wavereview.

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If after reading the above list your headache get’s worse,  you need expert help and I’m your guy.

I’ll login to your site, make a careful site analysis based on the above list, and provide you with a site status report with recommendations to get your online business booming!

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Google Plus Reviews

“Mark Lovett is wonderful to work with! I am a graphic designer with limited web experience, so when I needed a website for my own firm, I turned to Mark for help. He enthusiastically agreed to work with me—he did all the setup and technical work, but at the same time, we sat together and he taught me how to get in the back end and do some things myself. He was patient and had a great sense of humor as I tried to grasp this foreign language!

I would highly recommend Mark for organizations who need him to handle EVERY aspect of their website, as well as for others, like me, who need help, but also want to be able to change things themselves. Thanks to Mark, I now have a website I am extremely proud of. In addition, he made it happen quickly, which to me was imperative. Bravo Mark and many thanks!”

Lena Markley
Dovetail Design Studio