Search the net for the best WordPress website maintenance services ,  and you’ll find a maze of companies offering an enormous disparity in services, prices, and plans ranging from $25 to over $1,000 per month.  Given that there are about 15 million WordPress websites that need regular maintenance, it makes sense that there is a staggering array of companies offering these services!

One thing everybody can agree on is that work must be done on a regular basis to maintain your WordPress site or soon it will break and become expensive to repair!

Moving past that, I’m going to simplify this thought process.

Questions to ask yourself when considering the best WordPress website maintenance services:

  1. What does my site need to be healthy?
  2. How much should I invest in my site care?
  3. Who should do the work?

WordPress Maintenance Companies List

My top five competitor WordPress Maintenance Service companies are listed below. I’m not going to list their prices and services. It would take too long.

If interested, and have the time, visit their sites and do a comparison for yourself. I regularly surf these sites, to make certain that I offer a much better WordPress website maintenance service at considerably lower prices. These guys are large companies, and because I dont have the big payrolls that they do,  it’s easy for me to offer my clients a more personal and better custom service at more affordable prices.

  1. WP Site Care
  2. WP Curve
  3. WP Lift Support
  4. Maintainn
  5. WP Butler

and on and on ………

Let’s start with the basics!

What does my site need to be healthy?

WordPress core,  theme, plugin updates, and backups are required for a healthy site.

How much should I invest in my site care and how long does it take a professional to do this work?

That depends on the complexity of your site and your budget, but assuming you have a basic personal or small business site, the job should require less than an hour per month much of the time.

On occasion, the work will take longer, due to a conflict that arises from standard updates, or due to the need for a more time consuming premium theme/plugin update. How much extra time is needed to troubleshoot issues that occasionally arise, must be assessed on a case by case basis.

So as a general rule, to professionally maintain your small business WordPress site, your cost should fall somewhere in the range of $70-$100 month and it must include WordPress core,  theme and plugin updates and backups.

Who should I hire to do this maintenance for me?

I recommend finding a local professional if possible. It usually works best to have one local ‘Go-To’ Web/IT guy who  you can meet for a cup of coffee on occasion.

Rather than piecing your web work out to companies all over the country, build a relationship with one talented, trustworthy web developer/designer. He or she will learn all about your business and goals, and take a personal interest in seeing that you succeed.

As always, ‘Keep It Simple‘.

Signing off for now,
Mark Lovett

Google Plus Reviews

“Mark Lovett is wonderful to work with! I am a graphic designer with limited web experience, so when I needed a website for my own firm, I turned to Mark for help. He enthusiastically agreed to work with me—he did all the setup and technical work, but at the same time, we sat together and he taught me how to get in the back end and do some things myself. He was patient and had a great sense of humor as I tried to grasp this foreign language!

I would highly recommend Mark for organizations who need him to handle EVERY aspect of their website, as well as for others, like me, who need help, but also want to be able to change things themselves. Thanks to Mark, I now have a website I am extremely proud of. In addition, he made it happen quickly, which to me was imperative. Bravo Mark and many thanks!”

Lena Markley
Dovetail Design Studio