Often a simple email campaign can be an effective tool for driving sales and conversion. Statistics show email marketing is rated the most cost-effective driver of awareness, acquisition, conversion, and retention.

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Email Marketing Campaign Necessities

Custom Branded Email Template

Businesses need a professional, branded, responsive, email template that looks great on various screen sizes from smartphones to large desktops.

The reusable email template needs to be designed to match your website, your logo, brand colors, and should contain links to your website and social media pages.

The template needs to be coded properly to work well with major email clients and to get past the spam filters!

Check out #14 for custom email template info and pricing.

Email Subscriber Campaign List

An email subscriber list must be created for your email promotion campaigns. Perhaps you already have an email contact list that can be imported, or as a last resort, contacts can be added manually. An email signup form on your site can be used to automatically add subscribers to this list.

Check out #16 for custom email signup form info and pricing.

Email Signup Form

An effective email optin form strategically placed on your website will help grow a list of permission-based, engaged subscribers. This lead capture form will automatically add contacts to your email campaign list. A simple design with an enticing call to action is sure to grow your subscriber contact list.

Check out #15 for custom email signup form info and pricing.

Create Email, Test and Blast

Now that you have a branded email template, an email signup form on your site, and a list of subscribers setup and ready to go, it’s time to create an email campaign.

A carefully crafted promotion/message can now be inserted into your reusable email template, tested and delivered to subscribers on your list. An interesting image, a short summary paragraph, and a link to read more is a great approach.

Email marketing lets you start a two-way conversation that will benefit you and your readers. Don’t just push your promotional message out to them; share relevant content with your audience throughout the year to stay top-of-mind and build credibility, and encourage them to share their feedback and ideas.

End your email/post with a request to share your article using a statement like this:

 Let me know if this article is helpful by kindly:

* sharing the post on social media
* leaving a blog comment

A very effective way to increase web traffic is by writing an article on your site related to the email promotion and then linking the email promotion to the article.

Check out #17 for custom email signup form info and pricing.

How To Setup RSS To Email with Mailchimp

If you have a business website, and you create content, you must have considered setting up a system to capture leads/subscribers and sending them content automatically, in an efficient, professional email marketing manner.

I’ll walk you through how I set up my auto RSS to email feed system on WordPress with helpful screenshots and explanations.

Email Campaign System Summary

Once the email campaign system described in this article is setup, you will have easy access to valuable email campaign reports.

The Overview report provides an at-a-glance look at how well a campaign performed, who received the campaign, when they opened it, what links they clicked, how many successful deliveries were made, and other valuable information.

You will know how recipients interacted with your campaign such as opened, did not open, click performance, bounced, and others.

You can track how well specific links performed in the campaign and find out who liked your campaign on Facebook.

You can quickly identify which customers make a purchase, what they buy after they open your campaign and more.

Some of the vital statistics that will be available to you once this system is setup are listed below.

Overview of Campaign Statistics

  • Recipients
    Number of subscribers the campaign was sent to.
  • Delivered
    Date and time the campaign completed sending from MailChimp servers.
  • Open rate
    Percentage of successfully delivered campaigns that registered as an open.
  • Click rate
    Percentage of successfully delivered campaigns that registered a click.
  • List average for opens and clicks
    Average percentage of opens or clicks on previous campaigns sent to this list.
  • Industry average for opens and clicks
    Average percentage of opens or clicks for campaigns in the selected industry set for your account.
  • Opened
    Number of recipients that opened this campaign any number of times.
  • Clicked
    Number of recipients that clicked any tracked link any number of times in this campaign.
  • Bounced
    Number of recipients that registered as a hard or soft bounce.
  • Unsubscribed
    Number of subscribers that opted out of your list using the unsubscribe link in this campaign.
  • Total opens
    Total number of times the campaign was opened by recipients. This count includes multiple opens from individual recipients.
  • Successful deliveries
    The number of recipients that didn’t hard or soft bounce on this campaign.
  • Clicks per unique opens
    Percentage of recipients that registered as an open who also clicked a link in your campaign.
  • Total clicks
    Total number of times tracked links were clicked by recipients. This count includes multiple clicks from individual recipients
  • Forwarded
    Number of times the campaign was forwarded using the Forward to a Friend form. This stat considers forwards only through the Forward to a Friend form and is not able to detect when a subscriber uses the forwarding function in their email program.
  • Forward opens
    Number of times the campaign was opened by someone who was forwarded the campaign using a Forward to a Friend form.
  • Abuse reports
    Number of recipients that reported your email as spam. Subscribers that report a campaign as spam are automatically unsubscribed from your list.
  • Last opened
    The most recent instance of a recipient opening the campaign.
  • Last clicked
    The most recent instance of a recipient clicking a tracked link in the campaign.
  • 24-hour performance
    A graph detailing subscriber activity (opens and clicks) for the first 24 hours after the campaign was sent.
  • Top links clicked
    The URLs that were clicked the most in the campaign.
  • Subscribers with most opens
    Subscribers that opened the campaign the most times.
  • Social performance
    Provides a bird’s eye view of how well your campaign is doing across different social media outlets. When your campaign generates Facebook or EepURL activity, we’ll link to the stats on the report Overview. Click the links to view more detailed information about the social activity for your campaign.
  • Top locations
    Displays where in the world your subscribers are opening your campaigns. We use  geolocation tracking to collect your subscribers’ location information and the name of the country subscribers are from.

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I would highly recommend Mark for organizations who need him to handle EVERY aspect of their website, as well as for others, like me, who need help, but also want to be able to change things themselves. Thanks to Mark, I now have a website I am extremely proud of. In addition, he made it happen quickly, which to me was imperative. Bravo Mark and many thanks!”

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