We often get the question from clients, ‘How Can I Send My Login Info Securely Online?’ We recommend a simple, safe, secure and Free,  method to send sensitive login info.

As you know, login info can be quite complex, so it needs to be communicated in a copy and paste format. Trying to pass it verbally can be a time consuming headache, so best to avoid it at all costs.

We recommend using  1ty.me

Follow These Simple Steps To Send Login Info Securely:

  1. Visit 1ty.me and enter all your sensitive information in the form.

  2. Click ‘Generate Link’ to retrieve a short URL.

  3. Email (or text or skype or slack, etc) your short URL to us.

  4. All the data you entered is destroyed and no one else can ever access it.

It’s so simple, fast, secure, no software to install,
and the best part ….. it’s FREE!