How To Provide Login Info


Login Info Needed – For all your logins, please provide:

  1. Login URL – this is where we go to login (such as
  2. User ID/Name
  3. Password


Some Logins We May Need


Website Login 

Web Host/Server Login – for access to your website files (such as siteground, bluehost, godaddy etc)

Google Login – for access to search console or analytics. Preferred method is to add our email address as a new user in google search console per Add User To Search Console Instructions 

eMail Marketing Login – such as Mail Chimp, Constant Contact and Active Campaign

Social Media Logins – if you want us to manage your social media.  For Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn, you will need to send us an invite and add us as a new user. The other SM accounts have logins that you can send.


How To Send Login Info Securely

Step 1 –  Navigate to   at

and enter all your sensitive login information in the form.
Step 2 – Click ‘Generate Link’ to retrieve a short URL

Step 3 – Email (or text) your short URL to us.

All the data you entered in the form is destroyed and no one else can ever access it.