Advantages of organic search engine marketing

Is paid search engine marketing or search engine marketing via sponsored ads a better preferred to organic listing?

Statistics show that web users, more or less, assume that a sponsored ad is going to lead to a paid site or an expensive site and hence do not click on it.

Viewers are more likely to click on one or most of the first ten pages displaying in an organic list for the search of relevant keywords.

70% of the search engines report that web links shown in an organic listing are visited daily by viewers. This means that when your web page shows up in an organic listing you have the potential to attract consumers to your web page daily.

50% of the people using the search engine tend to reflexively focus on the top search results and more often than not do not even notice the content of the sponsor ads.

72% Google users have reported that results generated in their organic listings are more relevant to their searches than the sponsored ads.

The overall conversion rates of results shown in an organic listing are three times higher than those of sponsor ads or links.

The truth is viewers would tend to click on a sponsor ad because the content is gripping, and curiosity which leads a viewer to chase a paid presence. The conversion of a viewer who has landed on your web page out of curiosity into a potential customer is very low.

When a viewer clicks on the search result of an organic listing, he wants to visit that page because it is relevant to their search.The chances of converting such a viewer into a client are much higher.