Adding new site to Google Analytics and Google Webmaster, then integrating with All-In-One SEO plugin.


1. To create a new Google Analytics account, go to Google Analytics   and create an account.   If you have an account set up, just click top right ‘access google analytics’.


2. To add a new site to Google Analytics, click ‘Admin’ the ‘Account’ then ‘Create New Account’,  complete requested info including new website url,  then click ‘Tracking ID’.   Copy and paste tracking id into the All In One SEO plugin under Google Settings into the Google Analytics box. I had to enable he advanced authorship options and remove what was in there already to do it.


To Test Code is Installed Properly,  go back to your Google Analytics, click Admin, select your account and click on ‘Tracking Info’,  make sure that Status is showing Tracking Installed.

Now you have a new website added to your Google Analytics ready to be tracked!

3.  To add new site to Google Webmaster, go back to Google Webmaster Tools  . The new site that we added above now shows up under Analytics Web Property but it has not been linked to any site in your Webmaster Tools account yet.  Therefore, select the new site and associate it with the new property, click save,  and the new site is now ready to manage in Google Webmaster Tools.


by Mark Lovett
Mark Lovett Web Design