How to get your picture to display in Google search results

How to get your picture in search results

 How To Display Your Picture in Google Search Results


Signing up for Google Authorship

Google Authorship is about linking your WordPress website content to your Google profile which adds  a big SEO boost to your site. The process seems to be a little confusing for most. Im going to try and simplify it.


To sign up for Google Authorship:

1. Create a Google + Profile and upload a high quality headshot to your profile

2.  Add your name (ie.. ‘by Mark Lovett’ )  somewhere on your site bio or content page

3.  Add a link (back to google) next to your name using this link code:

              <a href=”


              but instead use your google+ profile link code in place of   ‘profile_url’

by Mark Lovett at

4.  In your Google+ profile, click into About, and in the Links section click edit, then click  ‘add custom link’ under the ‘Contributor to’  section,  paste in your link back to the above location, then save.

Test your link to your content at Rich Snippets to see how it appears in the browser,  and boom,  you should see your headshot photo appearing next to the content title like below!

Now my headshot seems to be displaying in all my posts, not just the one that I linked to above.