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Brilliant execution, incredibly fast response time, competitive rate. He's the best tech/design resource! Ric Z.
Mark did a great job with the SEO work we requested. We saw close to a 1000% increase in page views! Ryan C.
For a creative tech, we highly recommend Mark for your web design, creation, hosting and SEO needs!   Daniel P.
Mark did a fabulous job on my website project!    Cheryl H.
Working with Mark is amazing. He is an expert at what he does, fast and professional!    Tomi B.
I would highly recommend Mark for organizations who need him to handle EVERY aspect of their website!    Lena M.

Rank High On Google Search!

We provide on-site SEO audits to help you get found on the major search engines!

small business web design company - website design service


We work with clients to develop objectives for an on-site search engine audit

small business SEO services - SEO Agency - SEO Company


We implement our process to optimize our client’s site for specific goals and targets.

small business Freelance Web Designer


We help our clients track key metrics ensuring search engine optimization efforts are successful.

How I Rank My Business #1 Google
(on a shoe-string budget)

Affordable SEO Services For Small Business

Notice below, this site is displaying 3 times on Google 1st page for ‘website designer’

website designer

Notice below, this site is displaying twice on Google 1st page for ‘web design’

web design

Affordable SEO Agency

Does your business display prominently on the 1st page of google organically when potential customers search google using your important keyword phrases?

It should.  If it doesn’t you need our small business Affordable Agency SEO Service.

My goal for your business is to display prominently at the top of the 1st page of google when potential customers search business related keywords,  organically,  WITHOUT paying for advertising. It doesn’t matter if your business is a law firm, transportation service, dentist, doctor, contractor or any other business type. You need SEO to succeed online.

Below, check out all the important keyword phrases that Lovett Web Design  ranks #1 on google. We’ll do the same for your small business.

Lovett Web Design Ranks # 1 On Google

If you do a google search for any of the following important keyword phrases Mark Lovett Web Design will display prominently at the top of the 1st page in google.

Often there are more than one Lovett Web Design listings on the 1st page of google.

Enter one of the following phrases in the google search bar and check it out yourself.

Lovett Web Design Ranks #1 on Google for 17 important keyword phrases (and many more):

  • website designer
  • web design
  • best web designer maryland
  • best website designer maryland
  • wordpress seo expert maryland
  • freelance website designer maryland
  • montgomery county website designer
  • website designer maryland
  • web designer maryland
  • maryland web design
  • wordpress designer
  • website design maryland
  • wordpress designer maryland
  • wordpress web designer maryland
  • wordpress web design maryland
  • wordpress developer maryland
  • bethesda web design
Lena Markley Dovetail Design Studio

Mark Lovett is wonderful to work with! I am a graphic designer with limited web experience, so when I needed a website for my own firm, I turned to Mark for help. Thanks to Mark, I now have a website I am extremely proud of!


Lena Markley, Dovetail Design
web design company testimonial - tommi

Working with Mark is amazing. He is an expert, fast and professional, and very affordable for the excellent quality product he delivers. I was surprised at how good Mark is at designing and developing professional websites!


Tomi Bannister, ARMA

In the below screenshot, see how the stars make my listing stand out from the rest on the page?

The below rich snippet google display with stars is the result of correctly applied schema markup to the site content. It’s the latest technology to communicate with google, and it provides enormous advantage to websites that implement it properly.

Your site needs Schema Markup for success! Check out my article ‘What is Schema Markup and Why Does My Site Need It?’

schema markup rich snippets example
How To Add New User To Google Search Console – 6 Steps2020-01-20T14:07:02-05:00

* You Must Already Have A Google Search Console Account


Step 1: Navigate to Google Search Console ( )  and log in.

Step 2: Select the correct property from the “search property” drop down.( note that Search Console is sensitive to matching the domain exactly.)

google-search-console-select-the-proper-property copy

Step 3: Next, select the settings of your web property.


Step 4: Under settings select users and permissions.


Step 5: In the Users and permissions settings select Add User.


Step 6: Finally, on the Add user screen add the user’s email to your account, and click add.

How Can I Send My Login Info Securely Online?2019-12-23T11:05:14-05:00

We often get the question from clients, ‘How Can I Send My Login Info Securely Online?’ We recommend a simple, safe, secure and Free,  method to send sensitive login info.

As you know, login info can be quite complex, so it needs to be communicated in a copy and paste format. Trying to pass it verbally can be a time consuming headache, so best to avoid it at all costs.

We recommend using

Follow These Simple Steps To Send Login Info Securely:

  1. Visit and enter all your sensitive information in the form.

  2. Click ‘Generate Link’ to retrieve a short URL.

  3. Email (or text or skype or slack, etc) your short URL to us.

  4. All the data you entered is destroyed and no one else can ever access it.

It’s so simple, fast, secure, no software to install,
and the best part ….. it’s FREE!



Can you do an SEO analysis of my site during my paid web consultation?2019-08-21T17:35:34-04:00

Yes I can do an SEO analysis of your site during a paid web consultation if you provide login credentials.

What is Organic Search Engine Marketing?2019-08-07T17:35:31-04:00

There are two approaches to Search Engine Marketing. One, pay a digital company specializing in search engine optimizations and search engine marketing to place your ad on the results page of a generated search, or two, the organic way.

In Organic Search Engine Marketing, we dont have to pay to place our brand, service or product on the result page. Using SEO tools, creating great content, and strategically placing relevant keywords, the link to your page shows up in a natural search as one of the top ten pages in the search category.

Should I use Organic SEO or Paid Ads (PPC)?2019-08-07T16:45:47-04:00

Advantages of organic search engine marketing

Is paid search engine marketing or search engine marketing via sponsored ads a better preferred to organic listing?

Statistics show that web users, more or less, assume that a sponsored ad is going to lead to a paid site or an expensive site and hence do not click on it.

Viewers are more likely to click on one or most of the first ten pages displaying in an organic list for the search of relevant keywords.

70% of the search engines report that web links shown in an organic listing are visited daily by viewers. This means that when your web page shows up in an organic listing you have the potential to attract consumers to your web page daily.

50% of the people using the search engine tend to reflexively focus on the top search results and more often than not do not even notice the content of the sponsor ads.

72% Google users have reported that results generated in their organic listings are more relevant to their searches than the sponsored ads.

The overall conversion rates of results shown in an organic listing are three times higher than those of sponsor ads or links.

The truth is viewers would tend to click on a sponsor ad because the content is gripping, and curiosity which leads a viewer to chase a paid presence. The conversion of a viewer who has landed on your web page out of curiosity into a potential customer is very low.

When a viewer clicks on the search result of an organic listing, he wants to visit that page because it is relevant to their search.The chances of converting such a viewer into a client are much higher.

What is SEO?2019-08-07T16:53:55-04:00

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines.

What is Off-Site SEO?2019-08-07T16:49:20-04:00

“Off-site SEO” (also called “off-page SEO”) refers to actions taken outside of your own website to impact your rankings within search engine results pages (SERPs).

Optimizing for off-site ranking factors involves improving search engine and user perception of a site’s popularity, relevance, trustworthiness, and authority.

This is accomplished by other reputable places on the Internet (pages, sites, people, etc.) linking to or promoting your website, and effectively “vouching” for the quality of your content.

Off-Site SEO Examples

  • Adding your site to relevant directories
  • Creating branded social media profiles on sites like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Guest blogging and articles on relevant industry sites
  • Reaching out to partners, clients, vendors, and suppliers to identify cross-promotional opportunities
How much do you charge for SEO?2019-08-07T15:56:02-04:00

The cost of SEO depends on the size of your website, the keywords you want to rank for, the industry you operate within, your target demographic.

SEO cost depends if we will be doing some, or all of the following SEO work:

Website code and site structure changes

  • Renaming website files and creating 301-redirects for your old file names
  • Re-coding your navigation to replace a Flash or JavaScript menu with search engine friendly JQuery
  • Creating HTML and XML sitemaps and uploading/verifying them with webmaster tool sites
  • Using special tools to improve your website speed – a known ranking signal

Optimizing on-site content 

  • Creating pages for every target service
  • Creating geographically targeted content
  • Revising title, meta, and heading tags for each page
  • Adding information and reference sections to the site
  • Ongoing blogging and news blurbs

Off-site changes 

  • Adding your site to relevant directories
  • Creating branded social media profiles on sites like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Guest blogging and articles on relevant industry sites
  • Reaching out to partners, clients, vendors, and suppliers to identify cross-promotional opportunities
What is keyword research?2019-08-07T16:47:57-04:00

Keyword research helps us determine the keywords for which the site should be optimized for.

These are the words that potential customers might use in a google search.

Is SEO Dead?2019-08-07T16:44:15-04:00

No. SEO is not dead. SEO is still a vital part of online marketing.

What is On-Page SEO2019-08-07T16:50:52-04:00

On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing individual web pages in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines.

On-page refers to both the content and HTML source code of a page that can be optimized, as opposed to off-page SEO which refers to links and other external signals.

On-Page SEO Example

Website code and site structure changes

  • Renaming website files and creating 301-redirects for your old file names
  • Re-coding your navigation to replace a Flash or JavaScript menu with search engine friendly JQuery
  • Creating HTML and XML sitemaps and uploading/verifying them with webmaster tool sites
  • Using special tools to improve your website speed – a known ranking signal

Optimizing on-site content 

  • Creating pages for every target service
  • Creating geographically targeted content
  • Revising title, meta, and heading tags for each page
  • Adding information and reference sections to the site
  • Ongoing blogging and news blurbs
Can I see how many visitors I have to my website?2019-08-07T16:31:25-04:00

Yes. I can set up a free Google Analytics account for you which will automatically record data about your website’s visitors.

How can I pay for my website and SEO?2019-08-07T16:43:21-04:00
  1. You can snail mail a check to:    Mark Lovett  627 Gatestone St Gaithersburg, MD 20878
  2. For small jobs you can pay securely online by credit card
  3. You can pay securely online with bitcoin
  4. I can set you up on monthly automatic recurring credit card payments
  5. It’s also possible to finance your site with monthly payments rather than a lump sum

Best SEO Company for Small Business : ‘Rank #1’ on Google

Lovett Web Design is highly skilled at making sure your business ‘Get’s Found’ on Google!

Notice, in the screenshot, Lovett Web Design is displaying twice on the 1st page of Google for the key phrase ‘website designer maryland’, and three times on the 1st page of Google for the key phrase ‘website designer ‘.

This key phrase is the most important key phrase for our business, and we are displaying prominently on google first page results without having to pay for advertising.

Our 1st page google ranking for our most important key phrase was achieved organically using SEO without having to pay for advertising!

You can see the two google adword paid ads on top. Most folks, including myself, dont trust thoses ads, and rarely click into the paid ads.

To rank on the 1st page of google organically for primary keywords can’t be purchased, but rather must be earned by good business practices and sound SEO principles.

Local SEO Marketing Company Importance of High Ranking

Affordable SEO Services For Small Business
website designer

Does your Small Business Rank #1 on Google?

If not, why not? 

Affordable Local SEO Services

When your small business ranks for primary keywords organically on first page of google it means your business is trusted and serving customers well. If this is not happening,  you need the help of an Affordable Local SEO Service.

We all want our business to display prominently on the first page of google when a user types in our important keywords without paying for advertising. I’m here to tell you that SEO focused small business website design cost can be affordable it is possible!

After creating a really nice responsive business website, the next step is to work on SEO, so that our business can ‘Get Found’ on google when users search using key phrases associated with our business.

Mark Lovett, a multi-location business SEO Web Design expert, is extremely skilled at making sure your business ‘Get’s Found’ on Google, particularly if you have a business with multiple geographic locations.

How I Ranked My Business #1 on a Shoe-String Budget!

  1. Keep It Simple – Do the basics well -When google makes changes it wont effect you
  2. Get a clean WordPress self-hosted website with a clear message, purpose and focus, with a domain name that makes sense, create a simple site structure, easy to navigate, easy to read on mobile and desktop
  3. Host your site on Siteground
  4. SEO is an art Not a science | Go with your gut
  5. Create content that answers questions for customers and potential customers, content that you would like to read
  6. Don’t cut corners, take shortcuts and try to purchase backlinks, purchase traffic
  7. Stay away from any gimmicks
  8. Don’t get analysis paralysis | Dont fear not being perfect, just do it
  9. Don’t need to purchase all the expensive SEO tools and fancy gadgets
  10. Use Free Stuff  & Lots of Common Sense
  11. Site Speed try:   GTMETRIX.COM
  12. Site Analysis try:  Open Site Explorer  –  3 free searches per day   &   SemRush  –  3 free searches per day
  13. Check Indexed Pages :
  14. Use Google Keyword Planner,  Google Analytics, Google Search Console

#1 Google for ‘Website Designer’

website designer

#1 Google for ‘Web Design’

web design

#1 Google for ‘Maryland Web Design’

maryland SEO company results md web design

#1 Google for ‘Best Web Designer Maryland’

Maryland SEO Company | best-web-designer-md

#1 Google for ‘Maryland WordPress Web Design’

Maryland SEO Company | md-wordpress-web-design

#1 Google for ‘WordPress Maintenance Services’

Maryland SEO Company | wordpress-maintenance-services

#1 Google for ‘WordPress SEO Expert Maryland’

Maryland SEO Company | wordpress-seo-expert-maryland

#1 Google for ‘Expert SEO Maryland’

Maryland SEO Company | expert-seo-md

#1 Google for ‘Maryland SEO Expert’ SEO Gold

Maryland SEO Company | md-seo-expert

Does Your Small Business Rank Well for Your Important Keyword Phrases?

SEO Help for Small Business

Does your website need help in any of the following areas?

Website – A well-structured, fast, mobile-friendly website is essential.

Content – Your content should help demonstrate why a customer should choose you.

Content Marketing – Informational blog content can put you in front of a wider audience.

On-Page – Basic optimization is important so think page titles and meta descriptions.

Local SEO – Local businesses need to consider local SEO best practices.

Authority Building – Links are still highly correlated with strong search engine results.

Credibility – Case studies, portfolios, reviews and testimonials help you clinch the deal.

Don’t get duped by SEO sellers using ‘old SEO techniques’ that don’t work anymore.

seoThere are a variety of  search engine optimization (SEO) services which offer solutions for many ranking issues, and deficiencies.

Depending on the nature of your business and goals, one, or a combination of the below services, may be a perfect fit for your SEO and digital marketing website needs.

A strong SEO consultant will utilize organic search engine optimization tactics that can take an unknown website to page one ranking.

Although no SEO expert can guarantee top search engine placement or instant success, the right process and hard work will provide substantial results and ROI.

When practiced using sound principles, SEO continues to be a major force in building a successful online presence. Our specialty is to provide great website design/architecture combined with effective SEO techniques which continues to yield stunning results.

Our role, as SEO today, is to focus primarily on producing well written, quality content focused on the needs of your target market optimized to meet Google Guidelines.

Maryland SEO Company : Our Process

Professional Client Discovery

At the start of any SEO project we begin by learning about you, your business,  existing website, and goals.

An integral part of an effective SEO strategy, the purpose of a discovery session is straightforward: it sets the stage for an organized, useful, and strategic site audit.

Our Discovery May Include:

  • A comprehensive client interview We need to learn about your business and industry and your products and services. We need to know who your existing, and prospective customers are, how and where they connect with you online, and what’s driving online conversions or sales today.
  • Determining your goals Setting realistic, executable goals serves two important functions: it clarifies what it is you want to achieve with your website, and how compiled data should be measured.
  • Access to real-time analytics Assuming your company uses Google Analytics to track how online traffic arrives and moves through your site. If your business uses or has used Google AdWords, the data it can provide helps paint a more complete picture of your website’s performance to date.
  • What keywords you think are best and why We need a clear understanding of the keywords you think are relevant to your business, and why you think your customers would use those keywords to search for your products and services.
  • Quality of your site’s current content How often do you refresh your website’s content? What is the quality of the content on your site? Your content needs to be well-written, impactful, and it should accurately articulate the benefits your business and products provide.

Site Mapping

Site mapping is the process of assigning a given keyword or phrase to a specific piece of content on your website. This process helps define the website information architecture and creates a roadmap of existing and future content needs.

Content Strategy

If content isn’t your strength we can help guide you into discovering the right type of content for your specific target market. We’ll ask lots of questions, review your competitors, and then make recommendations on how we can help you serve your audience.

If you are looking for content writing services which will help your website attain higher rankings, you need high quality, well written content.  Quality SEO content writing is very important.

Well written, interesting and useful content will attract users and lay the foundation for a successful link development campaign.

On-Page Optimization

Once content is ready, we will optimize each focused page or post to best represent the keyword used. This includes, but is not limited to, content updates, creation of meta titles and meta descriptions, as well as recommendations for improving the content’s value.

On-page search engine optimization refers to SEO techniques designed to implement problems and potential issues that an SEO audit brings to light. This process must always be part of any top quality SEO service.

On-page SEO addresses a variety of fundamental elements such as page titles, tags, headings, content, content organization, and internal link structure.

At the most basic level, an on-page optimization campaign can be a one-time project which includes recommendations developed through an audit and it’s implementation. This type of on-page optimization would target the home page and a few other important pages on the website.

More comprehensive on-page search engine optimization campaigns will use findings of a highly detailed website SEO audit, and monitor results which guide ongoing changes to the on-page optimization.

Link Building and Development

We are cautious link builders because the best links are derived from helping others. Create awesome content, freely give of yourself, employ traditional marketing techniques,  and many high quality links will be sent your way.

We are happy to help uncover hidden opportunities for expanding your link building efforts with high quality sites that drive awareness and traffic.

Backlink development is one of the most controversial  topics of search engine optimization.  Backlinks are a vital component of any search engine optimization campaign, however they can be time consuming and expensive for good quality links.

There are many service providers who offer inexpensive link building services in order to attract and impress potential clients.

Such schemes include large volumes of directory submissions, worthless blog and forum comment spam, or article writing and submissions which result in poor quality content published in low-quality article directories that result in no ranking improvements and sometimes even ranking penalties.

If someone is quoting you a search engine optimization services which includes large volumes of directory submissions, blog posts, articles, blog/forum comments,  don’t waste your money.

Link development should focus on quality rather than quantity. A well researched, relevant, good quality link is worth many times the value of hundreds of free directory submissions.

The fundamentals of quality link building have not changed and are still very much pertinent today.

SEO Website Audit

A search engine optimization audit comes in varying levels of detail and complexity. A simple website audit can be as short as a few pages, and address glaring on-page issues such as missing title tags, and lack of content.

On the other hand, a comprehensive website SEO audit can comprised of dozens of pages and address fine details of website elements which may potentially be detrimental to the ranking-ability of a website.

With the discovery session complete, we conduct a thorough SEO audit of all of your web properties, and subsequently, provide you with the details of that review and our strategic recommendations that are tailored to your company’s needs.

Our SEO audits and assessments typically include some or all of the following:

  • Competition Analysis One of the best ways to learn about you and your market is to study those organizations or individuals that you complete with online. We’ll deep dive into your competitors, their websites, and their performance so we can help guide you into a solid and structured SEO process.
  • Keyword Analysis This process data mines your existing website, your competitors’ websites, your planned content, historical keyword reports, your desired keyword phrases, Google autosuggest and trends, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, and Google Adwords. The output is a list of focused keywords that will be used to plan out the future sitemap and content marketing strategy.
  • Design Review Review of site’s design, structure and function
  • Analyze Local Search optimization for Google My Business and other directories
  • Gauge site’s mobile responsiveness and how mobile search impacts your SEO
  • Check crawlability , indexation and for code issues
  • Analyze on-page optimization analyze site’s on-page optimization elements
  • Content Strategy Review
  • Off-Page incoming link report, social media presence overview
  • Recommendations about your site as a whole to improve engagement and increase visitor conversions

SEO Training

While you are welcome to hire us for ongoing SEO support, we are also happy to empower you to make your own process better by taking you step by step through page entry and blog post creation.

Software Recommendations and Configurations

We’ll help set up your WordPress website so that it supports your current and future SEO efforts. We provide guidance on theme usage, offer plugin recommendations, and even configure the tools to help you succeed.

Code Optimization

Code optimization is one of the highest levels of search engine optimization services which often involves an re-coding your website HTML.

The optimization of your HTML can impact search engine rankings by presenting your content in an easy-to-understand format for machines and search engine algorithm, as well as reduce load-time of your website pages.

A comprehensive search engine optimization campaign will have all of the above elements, but may also incorporate other important services such as keyword research, ranking reports, traffic reports, and conversion tracking.

Best Affordable SEO Packages

Check this out! I listed the most popular, effective, affordable SEO services SEO Services.

Different Approaches | White Hat vs Black Hat SEO

White Hat SEO utilizes techniques and methods to improve  search engine rankings of websites that adhere to search engine (mainly Google) guidelines. White hat SEO techniques often include high quality content development, website HTML optimization and restructuring, link acquisition campaigns supported by top quality content, research and outreach. The results of White SEO techniques are a steady, gradual and lasting growth in rankings.

Black Hat SEO exploits weaknesses in search engine algorithms to obtain high rankings using techniques in conflict with search engine guidelines often resulting in ranking penalties. Black hat SEO techniques often include link spam, keyword stuffing, cloaking, hidden text and hidden links, and used to result in quick, unpredictable, and short-lasting growth in rankings. However, algorithms have improved considerably and these old techniques are now rendered ineffective.

Too often search engine optimization companies operate in a gray area, referred to as Gray Hat SEO. Whether by design or pressure from clients to deliver results, many SEO companies cut corners.

Gray hat search engine optimization is often recognizable by ‘affordable’ pricing, since the SEO provider has to reduce cost by resorting to questionable techniques.

Who Needs SEO?

Search engine optimization is often a great way to reduce spending on paid advertising, PPC (Pay-Per-Click), by attaining high rankings in organic (free) search engine results.

Since search engine algorithms are in constant flux, and any change can impact a website’s ranking negatively,  it is advisable to use paid advertising as a supplement to offset algorithm change impact.

Organic rankings should not be the sole source of traffic for any website, however search engine optimization can contribute greatly to every online marketing campaign.

SEO is a mid to long-term solution which does require a significant investment of time to bear significant fruit, but it’s well worth it.

New SEO Digital Marketing website |  SEO Gold

The demand for Digital Marketing is growing rapidly,  in parallel with eCommerce,  and is most definitely here to stay.  In response, I have created a separate website detailing all the most state-of-the-art SEO digital marketing techniques and methods on the planet focusing on Maryland local SEO. After we build you an amazing website, we’re not going to leave you hangin.  We want to drive traffic and sales to your new site. Check out  SEO Gold | Digital Marketing.

SEO For Limo Company

SEO For a Limo Company and Car Transportation Service Is Critical! Did you know that 89% of customers start their booking process with a search engine? Transportation Service Online Searches Can Generate Enormous Business! ‘Car Service’ keyword generates about 135,000 google searches per month ‘Airport Transportation’ generates about 74,000 google searches per month ‘Transportation Services’ generates about 49,000 google searches per month Here's How You Can Capture this Online Business (Organically) With SEO - Without Buying Ads!

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