Stock Photos of People on Your Website

Visitors can smell a stock image a mile away, and stock images of people are the worst kind.

People pictures are powerful because faces are compelling and we want to connect with the people we see in the images. When we see a face on a website, we anticipate speaking with this person, meeting them, and potentially doing business together.

Every website should have great pictures of real people that are actually associated with the website that displays them because they encourage a connection with potential customers, help build trust and a sense of comfort.

In contrast, stock people images do just the opposite. Potential customers immediately sense that the people in the images are models pretending to be something they are not. This sets off a red flag. If they are misleading me about their people, perhaps they are not honest in many other areas.

When visiting a website, most users go to the About page to see pictures and bios of the people they will potentially be dealing with. If real people pictures and bios on the About page do not exist,  most visitors will leave and go to a competitor’s website that has honest people photos and bios.

Scam Websites Use Stock People Photos

There are a lot of scam websites online and it’s very important to have real people photos on your sites to differentiate yourselves and help potential customers understand that you’re the real deal …..

Only Use Professional Real People Images on your Website

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