Project Description

I really enjoyed creating this website for KCA (Knowledge Capital Associates). KCA already had an existing site that I had been improving and adding some functionality, but they needed a substantial amount of content and additional functionality added.  I determined that, rather than adding to the existing older code site, it would save KCA money, and be a more efficient and appealing result,  to create a completely new code site and simply link the old site to the new.  That is how Knowledge Capital Associates/Seaport-e  was born.

KCA desired to create a new home for their partners: Microsoft, Lockheed Martin, Robbins Giola, Armstrong Process Group, Robotics Engineering Excellence, Incite Decesions Technologies and Perigean Technologies. It was KCA’s intent to offer each partner space on the site that would display the partner’s info and content in an appealing manner as well as give each partner backend access to the content management system so they could create their on content on the KCA/Seaport-e  site.

Below is the Seaport-e homepage. I needed to use the header/footer and retain the overall design of the site. It was KCA’s intent to use quite a bit of visuals, so we started with a large custom slider. I used 5 large optimized rotating images  with javascript powered moving text on each image to add drama and interest.

Below the slider under Team KCA/Our Team are links to the Partner pages with substantial additional content there. ‘Our Capabilities’  also houses quite a bit of content detailing KCA’s qualifications.




If you click a Team KCA/Our Team link above, you will enter into the specific partner content area, and will be able to access only that partner’s content.



Bottom half of home page below. Notice the cool 6 image thumbnails linking the Team’s Capabilities.







Notice how the links below under ‘Our Capabilities’ integrate with the ‘Summary of Team Member Capabilities’ which links to the large Chart/Bar Graph below. Each one of those many links contains substantial content and it’s own rotating image slider which totals over 20 image sliders and content areas.




Below is a Team KCA Partners Chart/Bar Graph that I created which holds quite a bit of content  linking the Partners (listed on top) with specific skills (listed  on the left). The skills are calculated as a percent and displayed in the bar graph on the right under Partner Skill Sets. I styled the table in the same palette as the main site.



One of the interesting capabilities of this site is that the user can enter the ‘Systems & Process Engineering’ link for example, and access these articles from all the partners, or the user can access only a specific partner’s content.

For example, below is a screenshot of the Lockheed Martin Corp’s content area. It begins with the company bio which has several links to various pdf files and other important Lockheed info. Below the bio are Lockheed’s articles in excerpt form with a rotating image slider in each excerpt.









Below are screenshots of some of the Systems & Process Engineering articles from all partners.  Notice that each excerpt not only has it’s own multiple rotating image slider.  I must have sized and optimized 100 images and loaded them into 20 different sliders, one for each content category a well as one for each partner.