Project Description

“Mark did a great job on overhauling our current website! Very fast response time!!”
Kimberly Phelps | The Cleaners’ Solution

Designed and developed a new website for ‘The Cleaners’ Solution‘ at .   The Cleaners’ Solution is a successful, local, family owned cleaning supply company that provides many great products and services for professional cleaners. They maintain a brick and mortar retail store as well as an online store.

The Website Design Problem

When I came on board, Cleaners’ Solution had an old website on the Zencart framework that had many important website problems for me to solve.

  1. The site looked dated
  2. the old zencart framework made it very difficult and costly to make even simple edits to the site
  3. The old site architecture also made it very hard for website visitors to find the product or service that they need.
  4. The old site had many broken elements that simply didnt work when a user clicked them.
  5. We also wanted to allow local customers to purchase and pay for products online,


The Website Design Solution

Created a new modern logo, and created a new, clean, website design on my fast siteground cloud server.

Successfully migrated many years of eCommerce sales data from the old Zencart website to the new WordPress website.

Designed a new website architecture that allows visitors to easily see all the fantastic products and services that Cleaners’ Solution has to offer. In addition, visitors can quickly find, and purchase online, the product or service that they need.

All previous broken elements were repaired and the site functions flawlessly, and quickly, due to the fast cloud hosting server.

The site is now using modern WordPress software and plugins, and now we can quickly and easily grow the website and make any changes necessary. As the business grows and changes, this new website can easily grow and change with it.  The sky is the limit and we are now poised for huge online sales.

I keep the site well maintained so Cleaners’ Solution can focus on their core business, and let me do what I do best, which is to create, host and maintain amazing websites.

We are all so very happy with the end result!




Big beautiful Mega Menus!


Big beautiful Mega Menus!