Project Description

Check out the site at: WAWF

The Washington Area Women’s Foundation website was a very large RP3 Agency team project of which I was one of the web developers.  We developed this site from scratch based on our in-house designer’s PSD files.  It really is an amazing site. Browse through the various pages and notice the unique and interesting presentation and functionality.

Collaborated with dev team using GIT version control, and vagrant development environment for node.js. Used Gulp for compiling and a Jira/Atlassian ticketing system. Using WordPress CMS, wrote PHP to create custom taxonomies and post types, and developed a plugin to contain them. Using PHP, wrote custom queries and loops calling and looping through specific data in PHP templates. Created custom fields, integrating with the taxonomies and post types, building a user friendly interface so client can easily edit content.

Working from designer psd files, wrote pixel perfect HTML 5 and CSS3 for various sections, modules and pages of the site. Used BEM ( block, element, modifier) , a front-end naming methodology when writing HTML5. Wrote CSS3 using Sass (implementing mixins to avoid repetitive code) and wrote CSS media queries for beautiful views at various screen sizes. Debugged and tested sites on all screen sizes and browsers.