This RSS to Email Newsletter setup gives your business the ability to automatically email your website posts, in your company branded newsletter, to your subscriber list.

– Design, send, and share email newsletters

– Effectively & efficiently get your website updates to your audience

– Send weekly roundup posts from your blog via email to your subscribers

– Automatically deliver blog posts to your readers as email newsletters

RSS to Email Newsletter setup includes:

  • Setup subscriber list
  • Import subscribers to list (provide csv file ready to import)
  • Setup email account with Mail Chimp or Active Campaign
  • Install and configure necessary plugins
  • Design and Build a branded Signup/Subscribe Form to grow your subscriber list for Mailchimp or Active Campaign ($250 value)
  • Sync Subscribe Form to list – creates ability to add a subscriber to a list automatically when form is submitted
  • Design and build a branded HTML Email/Newsletter template on Mailchimp or Active Campaign ($250 value)
  • Setup an RSS triggered campaign – a recurring campaign type is triggered to send when there is a new post in the RSS feed, Sync campaign with RSS feed – so anytime a new article is posted on your website, the article is automatically emailed to your subscriber list inside your branded email/newsletter template
  • Form testing
  • Email testing

*No credit card payments accepted. Payment by check only.