$500 Install Schema Markup on your site

Check out this SEO Schema Markup case study to see it in action

What you get:

  • I’ll install Schema Markup structured data using JSON-LD on your WordPress site


Schema markup, also called Structured data, is a type of data inserted into your website code that makes it easier for search engines to crawl, organize, and display your content.

Adding Schema markup to your HTML improves the way your page displays in SERPs by enhancing the rich snippets that are displayed beneath the page title.


Schema Markup in WordPress Examples

The below rich snippet displayed with stars is the result of correctly applied schema markup to the site content.

Notice how the stars make my listing stand out from the rest on the page.

It’s the latest technology to communicate with google, and it provides enormous advantage to websites that implement it properly.


schema markup rich snippets example

Below is another one of my schema markup examples in action. If you google the keywords  ‘divorce and estate planning’ ,  notice the five star rating under my client, Altman & Assoc.

My rating schema markup makes the Altman listing pop off the page, and stand head and shoulders above the crowd. What a tremendous advantage and benefit this schema markup offers when implemented correctly!



To learn more about schema markup, check out my article, ‘What Is Schema Markup and Why Does My Site Need It?