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How I Rank My Business #1 Google on a shoe-string budget!

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Vanessa van der Have

“I’ve been working with Mark on a web project for a mutual client since April 2018. A new site had been designed, but had suffered an organic page ranking blow after re-launching. Mark was brought in to get the SEO rolling again. He has been very responsive and a pleasure to work with. The SEO implementations that he has put into place are working very well and our client has been very happy with the results!”


Vanessa van der Have, PR/Marketing Consulting | Washington D.C.

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So how do you get your website displaying #1 on Google, providing your business a massive amount of engagements?

Well, Im going to show you how I dominate google search results in my area and how you can too.

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Schema Markup | Rich Snippets

In the below screenshot, see how the stars make my listing stand out from the rest on the page?

The below rich snippet google display with stars is the result of correctly applied schema markup to the site content. It’s the latest technology to communicate with google, and it provides enormous advantage to websites that implement it properly.

Your site needs Schema Markup for success!

schema markup rich snippets example


‘Rank #1’ on Google
Rockville,MD SEO Experts

Lovett Web Design is highly skilled at making sure your business ‘Get’s Found’ on Google! This is true especially if you are located in Rockville, Maryland.

Notice, in the nearby screenshot, Lovett Web Design is displaying twice on the 1st page of Google for the key phrase ‘website designer maryland’.

This key phrase is the most important key phrase for our business, and we are displaying prominently on google first page results without having to pay for advertising.

Our 1st page google ranking for our most important key phrase was achieved organically using SEO without having to pay for advertising!

You can see the two google adword paid ads on top. Most folks, including myself, dont trust thoses ads, and rarely click into the paid ads.

To rank on the 1st page of google organically for primary keywords can’t be purchased, but rather must be earned by good business practices and sound SEO principles.

Importance of First Page Google Ranking

Affordable SEO Services For Small Business
maryland seo company results

Does your Rockville business rank #1 on Google?

If not, why not? 

Does your business display prominently on the 1st page of google organically when potential customers search google using your important keyword phrases?

It should. I can do it for your business like I did for mine. Let me know if I can help.

My goal for your business and mine is to display prominently at the top of the 1st page of google when potential customers search business related keywords,  organically,  WITHOUT paying for advertising.

My guess is that you feel the same way.

Check out all the important keyword phrases that Lovett Web Design  ranks #1 on google below.

Lovett Web Design Ranks # 1 On Google

If you do a google search for any of the following important keyword phrases Mark Lovett Web Design will display prominently at the top of the 1st page in google.

Often there are more than one Lovett Web Design listings on the 1st page of google.

Enter one of the following phrases in the google search bar and check it out yourself.

Mark Lovett Web Design Ranks #1 on Google on 15 important keyword phrases (and many more):

  • best web designer maryland
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  • bethesda web design

#1 Google for ‘Maryland Web Design’

maryland SEO company results md web design

#1 Google for ‘Best Web Designer Maryland’

Maryland SEO Company | best-web-designer-md

#1 Google for ‘Maryland WordPress Web Design’

Maryland SEO Company | md-wordpress-web-design

#1 Google for ‘WordPress Maintenance Services’

Maryland SEO Company | wordpress-maintenance-services

#1 Google for ‘WordPress SEO Expert Maryland’

Maryland SEO Company | wordpress-seo-expert-maryland

#1 Google for ‘Expert SEO Maryland’

Maryland SEO Company | expert-seo-md

#1 Google for ‘Maryland SEO Expert’ SEO Gold

Maryland SEO Company | md-seo-expert

Does Your Rockville Business Rank Well for Your Important Keyword Phrases?

When your business ranks for primary keywords organically on first page of google it means your business is trusted and serving customers well.

We all want our business to display prominently on the first page of google when a user types in our important keywords without paying for advertising. I’m here to tell you that it is possible!

After creating a really nice responsive business website, the next step is to work on SEO, so that our business can ‘Get Found’ on google when users search using key phrases associated with our business.

Mark Lovett, a multi-location business SEO Web Design expert, is extremely skilled at making sure your business ‘Get’s Found’ on Google, particularly if you have a business with multiple geographic locations.

How I Ranked My Business Google #1 on a shoe-string budget!

Keep It Simple – Do the basics well -When google makes changes it wont effect you

Get a clean WordPress self-hosted website with a clear message, purpose and focus, with a domain name that makes sense, create a simple site structure, easy to navigate, easy to read on mobile and desktop

Host your site on Siteground

SEO is an art Not a science | Go with your gut

Create content that answers questions for customers and potential customers, content that you would like to read

Don’t cut corners, take shortcuts and try to purchase backlinks, purchase traffic

Stay away from any gimmicks

Don’t get analysis paralysis | Dont fear not being perfect, just do it

Don’t need to purchase all the expensive SEO tools and fancy gadgets

Use Free Stuff  & Lots of Common Sense

Site Speed try:   GTMETRIX.COM

Site Analysis try:

OPEN SITE EXPLORER|    3 free searches per day
SEMRUSH             | 3 free searches per day

Check Indexed Pages :

Google Keyword Planner

Use Google Analytics

Use Google Search Console

Use Google for searches

Rockville, MD

Rockville, Maryland, in Montgomery county, is 4 miles SE of Gaithersburg, Maryland and 15 miles NW of Washington, D.C..

Rockville History

Rockville was originally inhabited by Native Americans. The community was established in 1717. Arthur Nelson obtained the first land patents between 1717 and 1735, when Rockville was a part of Prince George’s County. While the community was unincorporated it was known by a number of different names, including Hungerford’s Tavern, Owen’s Ordinary and Daley’s Tavern.

Rockville was officially incorporated as a village on March 10, 1860. It was named after nearby Rock Creek. The Ohio and Baltimore Railroad arrived in the year 1873, increasing Rockville’s accessibility from Washington D.C. The first trolley service in Rockville was established by the Tennallytown and Rockville Railway in 1891.

Rockville, MD Map

rockville md map