1. Previous Web Trends


Looking back over previous web trends, first, we had Geocities where every color of the rainbow was used.


Previous web trends - geocities


Next, around 2007, we had sites like The Food Network using its big buttons, 3D gradients and shadows.
Old web styles - out-of-style-btns


Flat design was the next big thing which started as a response to this design overload. The challenge with flat design is differentiating buttons from other web elements. It became difficult to determine which elements were interactive which weren’t. Windows 8’s Metro is a good example of flat design.





Later, google came on the scene with it’s Material Design concept.  Which upon reading can seem a bit abstract. Perhaps a peek at the web style of google.com will provide a better understanding.


2. Are Sliders Dead?

No!   Slider’s are still a valuable tool to the website arsenal, however, it is true, as a general rule, sliders have too many slides and often too many calls-to-action/text. Users just don’t spend much time engaging with sliders.

There’s just too much going on too quickly. Keep them simple and to the point…… fewer slides, and fewer text/calls-to-action over-layed on the slides.


3. Are Sidebars Going Out?

As a reaction to info over-load and site clutter, some designers are moving away from sidebars. Similar to sliders, sidebars have been over-used and abused, and have often become a disturbing distraction. Sidebars, when used properly, will always be a great tool in the web design toolbox, but discretion must be used.

Use sidebars, in moderation, to support the content on the page and to enhance design.Of course, sidebars on mobile view are either not displayed at all,  or displayed only at the bottom of primary content.

In either case, dont just throw a sidebar up on the page and fill it up with widgets because you can!



4. Bottom Line: Design Your Site around your content and customers

Listen to your customers who are your actual website users, and make your design suitable for your specific type of content and clients.

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