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Purchase RSS to Email Newsletter | Active Campaign | Mailchimp

Would you like me to set it up for you?  You can purchase theRSS to Email Newsletter setup with Mailchimp or Active Campaign.

If you have a business website, and you create content, you must have considered setting up a system to capture leads/subscribers and sending them content automatically, in an efficient, professional email marketing manner.

I’ll show you how to design, send, and share email newsletters, and automatically deliver blog posts to your readers as email newsletters.

I’ll walk you through how I set up my system on WordPress with helpful screenshots and explanations.

Learn RSS to Email Newsletter Integration

1. Setup Sign-Up Form

This sign-up form will automatically add subscribers to your subscriber list in mailchimp.

  • Install Mailchimp for WordPress plugin
  • Create Sign-up Form



  • Drag Mailchimp Sign-Up Form Widget into sidebar where you want it to display in your site

See WP Backend widget and the sign-up form (before styled) screenshots below:





2. Style Sign-Up Form

I styled my Sign-Up Form with some of my branding (on blog sidebar) screenshot below:



After sign-up form is created, styled and displays on website, in the plugin settings, associate the form with a Subscriber list that you have created in your mailchimp account, and test it out!

Once the sign-up list is successfully adding subscribers to your list when tested, it’s time to move on to setting up the RSS to Email in your mailchimp account.

3. Setup RSS to Email

Login to your mailchimp account, in Features/RSS to Email, click ‘Turn On RSS To Email’.



Add your campaign title, select your email list, click ‘Begin’.




Find Your RSS feed URL

You’ll need your site’s RSS feed URL.  To find it, go to your website homepage, right click ‘inspect’, do a search for rss, then you’ll see it. My RSS feed url is



Add your RSS feed URL, select how often to send blast and click ‘Next’




Select the list

Select the list you want to use, fill in campaign info, select ‘Next’, then select your template.

Select/Create the email template

The template that you use or create in mailchimp needs to be styled with your branding, and contain the proper RSS merge tags to automatically feed your latest article excerpt. I recommend providing only an excerpt of your latest article so readers will click the link to enter your website to finish reading.

Creating the branded template with RSS merge tags is a little tricky in mailchimp. It’s not the most user friendly system, but what do you expect for FREE?   I recently setup a system like this for a client in ActiveCampaign,  and I do prefer the ActiveCampaign system, but they have a license fee.  For one, it seems to be a lot easier to create a nice template design.


Launch Your RSS Email Mailchimp Campaign




Of course, after you finish choosing and setting up your template in mailchimp, test, then launch your campaign.  The next time you write a post, it will automatically be sent out to all the subscribers on your list.

Let me know if you have any questions, or I can help.