SEO For a Limo Company and Car Transportation Service Is Critical!

Did you know that 89% of customers start their booking process with a search engine?

Transportation Service Online Searches
Can Generate Enormous Business!

  • ‘Car Service’ keyword generates about 135,000 google searches per month
  • ‘Airport Transportation’ generates about 74,000 google searches per month
  • ‘Transportation Services’ generates about 49,000 google searches per month

Here’s How You Can Capture this Online Business (Organically) With SEO – Without Buying Ads!

SEO for Limo Company Basics

Car transportation service use is hot and on the rise!  What’s the most effective way for your limo or car service company to attract local customers in this growing market?  Newspapers and Yellow Pages won’t work anymore.  Successful limo company and car service businesses need to appear prominently in search engine results pages through a process called Search Engine Optimization or SEO.  An investment in SEO can pay off  significantly.

Step 1: Choose Your Keywords

SEO for a Limo Company begins by planning your keywords. Ask yourself what do your customers type into a search box that would lead them to your company?

Words and phrases that may apply to you include limo service, town car service, black car service, chauffeur, ground transportation, or executive transportation.

Car Service

The ‘car service’ keyword generates about 135,000 google searches per month, which proves a very high demand exists, providing a great opportunity to fill this need. Some of the listing are for repair, so make sure your site puts emphasis on booking private car service, non-stop, Airport Shuttle, convenience, affordable, and safety.

In addition, for a ‘car service’ transportation business to rank well in Google it’s important to feature content on your website that supports professional Chauffeur Service, Valet Limousine Service, Sedan Service, online booking, and airport transportation.

Airport Transportation

An ‘airport transportation’ business, which generates about 74,000 google searches per month, should feature content supporting the keywords .. private vans, private cars, airport shuttle, airport taxi, airport limo, non-stop airport car service, airport fleets.

Key topics should be addressed such as how the transportation service helps the customer to avoid the hassle of getting to and from the airport, emphasize convenience, and how your transportation service will lower stress for the customer.

Transportation Services

A ‘transportation services’ business, which generates about 49,000 google searches per month, is an important search phrase, so make sure your website has helpful content supporting the following topics ….

private transportation services, escorted transportation, senior assisted transportation services, on-demand services for corporations and universities, connecting employees and students to their places of work from commuter, elderly transportation service, disabled transportation service, Charters will find the perfect bus transportation option for your group.

Black Car Service

There are many less searched keywords, such as ‘black car service’, which generates about 2,900 google searches per month, that provide a great opportunity to offer your service.

This is a less competitive keyword so it will be easier to rank well. For a ‘black car service’ to excel, provide content emphasizing comfort, luxury, executive, exclusive, reliability, town car, higher standards. better rides, experienced drivers, late model vehicles, arrive relaxed & on-time.

Step 2: Optimize Your Keywords

Your Google My Business page is part of the “Map” section of Google listings which increases your  internet presence and offering new prospects a summary of your services. It also improves your Google rankings and is easier to rank than a website.

Your Google My Business page must be accurately filled out:
Claim your page and go through the Google verification process. When you see a checkmark and the word “Verified” next to your business name, you’re good to go!

Google My Business Optimization

NAP:  NAP, or business name, address, and phone number, must be consistent and entirely accurate both on your Google listing and across the internet.
Categories: Google requires you to list your services as categories, not your results. Google categories can be a bit confusing, as Google requires you to list your services rather than your results. Try to list 3 to 5 categories.
Description: The description is a brief summary of your business that ends with a call to action. It should be 100 to 200 words long.
Hours: Make sure your office hours are accurate, and are consistent across the internet.
Images: Images can boost customer engagement. Add a few photos of your cars, drivers on the job, or even events for which you provided transportation. Your images must be sharply focused,  and have a minimum resolution of 720 x 720px. Replace the generic Google My Business background image with a branded image.

Website and Page Optimization

Begin optimizing  your homepage and service pages for your selected keywords. Later,  focus on optimizing your “content” pages, or blog posts and FAQs.

Homepage | SEO For A Limo Company

The most important element is your title tag. It should be about 65 characters in length, and be formatted similar to: Limousine Service in {Your City} | {Name of Your Company}.
Next is the meta description, about 150 character description of your main services, including your main keywords that may end with a call to action.
The last key element is your page copy. Create 500 to 1000 words of clean, edited copy that gives background information, explains your core services, and ends with a strong call to action. Incorporate your primary keyword naturally.

Service Pages

Each core service needs a separate page, tightly focused on a single keyword. Follow the above the tips to optimize each service page, making sure to substitute that page’s individual keyword.

Step 3: SEO For A Limo Company Citations & Backlinks

Now that the framework for your local SEO campaign has been built, it’s time to develop citations and links to increase reach and help improve Google rankings.

Get Citations | Online Directory Listings

A citation is simply an online directory listing of your business NAP (name, address, and phone number). Use national directories like Facebook and, and general local directories such as your city’s Chamber of Commerce, and industry specific directories for limousine companies or transportation services. Ensure that every listing has an identical NAP.
Some directories accept only paid listings. Check Google Analytics to determine if it makes sense to pay for a listing.

Build Backlinks

Inbound links from trustworthy, high-quality sites are a great way to boost your Google rankings. Build relationship both online and in person with businesses that offer services that complement yours. Find out where your competitor gets his links, and contact similar sources to obtain a link back to your website.

Step 4: Obtain Customer Reviews

Customer reviews play two very important roles: they tell Google that you have a legitimate business, and convince new prospects to purchase your services. Although all review sites are important, Google My Business reviews are the best for the fastest boost to Google rankings. Contact your satisfied customers with a link to your Google My Business profile, and ask them to write a review.

Step 5: Track SEO Results

Track your local SEO campaign is performance3, and identify areas that need improvement with Google Analytics.

Focus on three core metrics

Rankings: When you run a Google search, the results are customized based on your past browsing habits. Therefore, you must use a tool to learn how a specific page actually ranks. The free Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) is an excellent place to begin. Your webmaster can easily install it, and you can track your data once or twice each month.
If you would like a fuller picture of your progress, consider a paid tracking tool such as the one provided by RankRanger. You can track your Google My Business page as well as your webpages, and access automatically updated ranking details from all of your SEO campaigns.

Traffic: To monitor your website traffic, or how many visitors you have, use Google Analytics. You can view your overall traffic, see what percentage of visitors come through Google search, and even discover which pages draw the most and least visitors. Check this report every month with an eye toward identifying long-term trends.

Conversions: A conversion is an action that you want your website visitors to take, such as contacting you for a free quote. In Google Analytics, you can track both web and telephone conversions, find out which services provide the most conversions, and learn which individual pages have the lowest and highest conversion rates. While it’s easy to see the website page traffic, actually tracking a specified conversion can add an extra layer of value, work and expense, and is used most often by businesses with more subsdtantial SEO budgets.


Google rolls out about 300 updates per year, and occasionally some can affect your ranking. An SEO professional keeps in the loop knowing all the new techniques of search engine optimization and making tweaks when necessary.

With good organic SEO specifically aimed at ground transportation, you will get qualified leads, reduce bounce rate and increase profits. Great, relevant SEO optimized content drives organic traffic to your business!

SEO Results Are Long Lasting

The results of SEO last a long time. If you have a transportation services business, or another type of business for that matter, you can climb the rankings gradually, by using the best SEO agency near your business, who use the best practices and professional knowledge that comes with experience in SEO.

Search engines love gradual change – sometimes they will even penalize those with unreasonably quick growth. SEO for a Limo Company, or any business, isn’t just a few placed keywords – it’s a process that brings tremendous results over time!