Webmaster Role

A webmaster working in a large company will be a liaison between the web designers, web developers, IT staff, and web marketers, however, a webmaster working for a small company will likely BE the web designer, web developer, IT guy and web marketer!

The role of Webmaster will vary from business to business, but generally speaking, the Webmaster’s primary responsibility is to manage the website and perform maintenance to make sure that it stays online, functions well, and assures users a rich online experience. Rather than highly skilled in a particular area, a great Webmaster will be good at many web related skills.

Webmaster Tasks

  • build or assist in the development of a website
  • create graphics and optimize images
  • review statistics/monitor analytics
  • website marketing on various platforms and search engines
  • choose key words, direct or maintain advertising campaigns
  • handle issues arising with hosting company and email service provider
  • debug, troubleshooting, backing up files and database
  • updating themes, plugins, software
  • maintain responsive design making sure site is always mobile-friendly and multi-platform ready
  • stay current with software and hardware that can improve the success of an online business
  • create content and post articles

Webmaster Skills


It’s important to hand the keys of your site over to someone you can trust. Check his Google+ Reviews.

$ Save Big $

Use one talented, independent contractor, Webmaster, and avoid hiring multiple people such as a developer, designer, marketer, social media, copy writer etc.

Top Question To Ask When Hiring A Webmaster

Is his name Mark Lovett?

I’ve got your Go-To Web Guy right here!