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  • Uncover under performing website issues and solutions
  • Thorough review of your website’s design, structure and function
  • Technical SEO Audit – Crawlability, Indexation, and Code Issues
  • Check for and Advise on Best Practices and Implications on Search Visibility
  • Internal and External Linking Strategy
  • User Experience/Accessibility Recommendations
  • Analysis of your site’s essential on page optimization elements
  • Content Strategy Review – How good/unique is it? Does it suit your goals?
  • Keyword Analysis – Using the right keywords? Overusing them?
  • Off Page – Incoming link report, social media presence overview
  • Indexing/Crawlability – Are search engines finding everything?
  • “Next Steps” advice for on-page, content strategy and link building

2. Add Analytics View to your site

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  • Get Powerful Analytics View added to your dashboard
  • View Real Time Visitors
  • View Real Time Acquisition Channels
  • View Real Time Traffic Sources
  • View sessions, organic views, page views
  • View locations, site referrers, bounce rate

3. Install & Configure Top SEO Plugin

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  • Install & Configure Top SEO Plugin
  • Customize for site
  • Create xml sitemap and send to all major search engines

4. Add Meta Title and Meta Descriptions

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  • Create and add unique Meta Titles
  • Create and add unique Meta Descriptions
  • Includes up to 20 pages

5. Optimize & Tag Images

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per 20 images
  • Size and optimize images properly in photoshop
  • Create search engine friendly image titles, fix links
  • Create search engine friendly image alt tags

6. Setup on Google Webmaster Tools, Analytics and Bing

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  • Setup and verify site on Google Webmaster Tools
  • Setup and verify site on Google Analytics
  • Setup and verify site on Bing

7. Repair Errors & Broken Links

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up to 20
  • Repair web crawl errors
  • Repair broken links
  • Notify google to remove indexing

8. Add H1 Tags & Relevant Keywords

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up to 20
  • Create and add unique H1 tag on pages and posts
  • Create and add relevant keywords in titles, descriptions
  • Create and add relevant keywords in URL slugs

9. Setup Social Media | Facebook | Twitter

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  • Setup social media business pages
  • Create social media links
  • Link social media back to your website

10. Setup Google+ Business Page

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  • Design interesting layout
  • Setup google+ profile
  • Link google+ page back to site

11. Convert Your Site to Mobile Friendly

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  • Design mobile view for your site
  • Increase fonts for better view
  • Implement responsive code

12. Correct Duplicate Content Issues

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up to 20 pages
  • Remove duplicate content
  • Remove auto generated content
  • Remove excess keywords in copy $325

13. Create High Quality Content

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per article
  • Create compelling SEO optimized articles
  • Add attractive featured images to posts
  • Post article excerpts on Facebook/Twitter
  • Link Facebook & Twitter excerpts back to site

14. Create Custom Email Template for Campaigns

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  • Design clean, attractive email template
  • Use inline table code
  • Works well with major email clients
  • Useful template for email campaigns

15. Create Lead Capture Form

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  • Design and create email signup/optin form
  • Form auto adds subsribers to email campaign list
  • Install solicitation form on website
  • Grow a list of permission-based, engaged subscribers

16. Create Campaign Customer Email List

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  • Set up mail campaign customer email list
  • Customer list will be used for email campaigns
  • List auto adds customer name and email addresses
  • Receives customer data from Lead Capture Form

17. Create Email, Campaign & Blast Emails

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per blast
  • Create email within reusable template
  • Copy article image and excerpt from site
  • Link excerpt and image back to site
  • Send out mail blast to your customer list

18. Mining Website Gold

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  • Unlock the secret to your success using business data within your website
  • Identify where to focus your marketing efforts
  • Obtain big results with a small investment
  • Uncover new untapped markets
  • Read Article