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Brilliant execution, incredibly fast response time, competitive rate. He's the best tech/design resource! Ric Z.
Mark did a great job with the SEO work we requested. We saw close to a 1000% increase in page views! Ryan C.
For a creative tech, we highly recommend Mark for your web design, creation, hosting and SEO needs!   Daniel P.
Mark did a fabulous job on my website project!    Cheryl H.
Working with Mark is amazing. He is an expert at what he does, fast and professional!    Tomi B.
I would highly recommend Mark for organizations who need him to handle EVERY aspect of their website!    Lena M.

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A consultation, for web design and SEO, is extremely helpful for you if:

  • You don’t have a website,  but need to get one for your business
  • You have a website,  but it’s not designed/performing as intended, or,  SEO, it’s not getting found properly in google search

Web Consultation FAQs

Providing and Sending Logins | Instructions2020-01-20T15:00:45-05:00

How To Provide Login Info


Login Info Needed – For all your logins, please provide:

  1. Login URL – this is where we go to login (such as
  2. User ID/Name
  3. Password


Some Logins We May Need


Website Login 

Web Host/Server Login – for access to your website files (such as siteground, bluehost, godaddy etc)

Google Login – for access to search console or analytics. Preferred method is to add our email address as a new user in google search console per Add User To Search Console Instructions 

eMail Marketing Login – such as Mail Chimp, Constant Contact and Active Campaign

Social Media Logins – if you want us to manage your social media.  For Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn, you will need to send us an invite and add us as a new user. The other SM accounts have logins that you can send.


How To Send Login Info Securely

Step 1 –  Navigate to   at

and enter all your sensitive login information in the form.
Step 2 – Click ‘Generate Link’ to retrieve a short URL

Step 3 – Email (or text) your short URL to us.

All the data you entered in the form is destroyed and no one else can ever access it.

Client Screenshare Instructions2020-01-20T14:09:29-05:00

Screenshare Instructions with

Step 1 – A few minutes before our scheduled meeting, you will receive a ‘Meeting Invite’ email invitation from with screenshare info (such as below example) – Click the Join Online Meeting link


Step 2 – Client enter name and email address and click join, then client will see my screen (no software needed to download). You will then see our computer screen on your computer.



Step 3 – Audio  – Easiest Way – Call Mark at 301-802-2228



How To Add New User To Google Search Console – 6 Steps2020-01-20T14:07:02-05:00

* You Must Already Have A Google Search Console Account


Step 1: Navigate to Google Search Console ( )  and log in.

Step 2: Select the correct property from the “search property” drop down.( note that Search Console is sensitive to matching the domain exactly.)

google-search-console-select-the-proper-property copy

Step 3: Next, select the settings of your web property.


Step 4: Under settings select users and permissions.


Step 5: In the Users and permissions settings select Add User.


Step 6: Finally, on the Add user screen add the user’s email to your account, and click add.

How Can I Send My Login Info Securely Online?2019-12-23T11:05:14-05:00

We often get the question from clients, ‘How Can I Send My Login Info Securely Online?’ We recommend a simple, safe, secure and Free,  method to send sensitive login info.

As you know, login info can be quite complex, so it needs to be communicated in a copy and paste format. Trying to pass it verbally can be a time consuming headache, so best to avoid it at all costs.

We recommend using

Follow These Simple Steps To Send Login Info Securely:

  1. Visit and enter all your sensitive information in the form.

  2. Click ‘Generate Link’ to retrieve a short URL.

  3. Email (or text or skype or slack, etc) your short URL to us.

  4. All the data you entered is destroyed and no one else can ever access it.

It’s so simple, fast, secure, no software to install,
and the best part ….. it’s FREE!



Can I have a free web consultation?2019-08-21T17:32:45-04:00

Yes, you are welcome to speak with our project manager about your website needs for free.

If you would like a consultation with Mark you’ll need to pay for it.

Website Consultation Rates & Info



Can you make minor changes to my site during a paid web consultation?2019-08-21T17:33:52-04:00

Yes of course.  I can login to your site and make minor changes, if needed, during your web consultation. Just give me your login credentials.

Can you do an SEO analysis of my site during my paid web consultation?2019-08-21T17:35:34-04:00

Yes I can do an SEO analysis of your site during a paid web consultation if you provide login credentials.

Can you analyze my website during my paid web consultation?2019-08-21T17:37:07-04:00

Yes I can analyze your website during a paid web consultation if your provide your login credentials.

Consulting | Training Topics

  • WordPress

  • SEO

  • Digital Marketing

  • Social Media

  • eCommerce

  • Coding

  • Web Design

  • Web Development

  • Web Maintenance

  • Graphic Design

  • Web  Hosting

  • Mac OSX

web design company testimonial - tommi

Working with Mark is amazing. He is an expert at what he does, fast and professional. I will continue to work with Mark on other projects. He is very affordable for the excellent quality product he delivers. I was pleasantly surprised at how good this guy is at designing and developing professional looking websites. Thank you!

Tomi Bannister, Automated Resource Management Associates
Vanessa van der Have

I’ve been working with Mark on a web project for a mutual client since April 2018. Mark was brought in to get the SEO rolling again. He has been very responsive and a pleasure to work with. The SEO implementations that he has put into place are working very well and our client has been very happy with the results!

Vanessa van der Have, Public Relations (Self Employed)

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