‘Why You Should NOT Hire A Website Designer’ – Popular article

In the popular article, ‘Why You Should NOT Hire a Website Designer’ by Jeremy ??, (he doesnt give his last name), Jeremy’s primary argument is ‘If your business sucks, don’t put any money into marketing it online. Rather, wait until your business succeeds, only then hire web design/SEO marketing help to build your website.

I agree. If your business sucks I wouldn’t  put any money into it either, however, if you have a great business idea and a lousy website /online presence your business will fail.

The obvious flaw in Jeremy’s argument is that the chance your business is going to succeed BEFORE you have a decent website/online presence is slim, and this approach doesn’t offer the business a reasonable opportunity to succeed.

Your new business has a much greater chance to succeed if you start with a good website and SEO. Give your new business a chance to succeed!  Do it right or don’t do it all.

Should I DIY? | Wix, Squarespace, Shopify and Weebly

It’s a given that Jeremy is selling WIX, Squarespace, Shopify and Weebly in his article so we know the motivation behind his points. In any case, there are strong arguments to be made for using website builders. The question needs to be asked is this something that you are interested in learning and trying to do yourself?

‘Why on earth would you consider spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a custom website design, BEFORE knowing for SURE that your business can make money?’  I suggest that nobody will know for sure if their business will make money until a decent website and SEO is in place.

Why You Should NOT Hire A Website Designer – More Arguments

Jeremy says, ‘you can’t build a long-term, viable business purely relying on the sexiness of your website.’ I agree totally. However, if you’re selling lingerie, your website better be sexy or you won’t sell anything.

‘Instead, focus your time, energy and money on mission-critical tasks’,  Jeremy says.  He then lists important business tasks. I would argue that web design and SEO is every bit as critical as the important business tasks listed in his article.

Is A Good Website and SEO Critical to Business Success?

It wasn’t long ago, when a retail business needed an expensive brick and mortar location to sell. These days, a good website and SEO has predominantly replaced  the expensive retail location. Don’t be mislead into believing that you can have a successful business without either.

‘Your website is NOT your business. Your business is what you can offer to your target customers to actually solve their problems’, says Jeremy. Yes Jeremy you are correct, but this doesn’t alleviate the need for the website, and it doesn’t support having a sub-standard online presence.

Do I Need To Be A Coder To Build My Website?


‘Not too long ago, you’d have to hire a designer or a coder to help you build a website’ says Jeremy. This is true. No. You don’t have to be a coder to build a website now, but it helps a lot!

For those Do-It-Your-Selfers out there, I like to build websites that have drag and drop capability, so you can learn to use your website as a tool to add and edit content yourself.

‘You can launch a “good enough” website in less than a day – so you won’t get bogged down by technology and wait weeks or months to have something up and running.’ My guess is that it would take you a week or two to get something half-way decent setup yourself, and I could get something professional setup faster.

‘You can allocate more of your budget, time and energy to other more “mission-critical” tasks such as product development, researching your target market, marketing your products / services, etc.’ says Jeremy. I say the website and SEO is every bit as important, and a bad idea to prioritize it any lower.

Consider Drag & Drop Website Builders

“You can make changes to your website on the fly, instead of waiting for or relying on someone else to make those changes.” says Jeremy. Huh? This is the same either way. You can make any changes on the fly using a drag and drop builder on any site I build for you as well.

Jeremy says, ‘You can manage your financial risks as these website builders are not expensive at all. They’re also incredibly easy to use.’ The fact is that most sites that a professional web designer builds now have drag and drop builders for clients, and added benefits as well.

I definitely would NOT recommend building a site on Wix, Weebly, Squarespace or Shopify if you intend to move it to another platform in the future because you will not be able to do this.

Each platform lets you export and import different amounts of content, so you would have to essentially re-build your site from scratch when moving to a new builder. This will undermine any links, authority or traffic you have built up for your existing site. This is a huge disadvantage to the DIY platforms.

For example, the Avada theme uses Fusion Builder drag and drop builder. Other professional WordPress website design themes have high quality drag and drop builders like Beaver Builder. Salient theme uses Visual Composer on and on.

Therefore, having drag and drop site builder capability is not a good reason to join the WIX & Weebly DIY bandwagon.

Top Website Builders | Beaver Builder, Wix or Squarespace?

Instead of using Wix, Squarespace, Weebly etc.. web builder, I highly recommend using Beaver Builder on the WordPress framework. It’s an awesome drag and drop website builder that has the added benefit of being built on WordPress with amazing SEO capabilities.

website design why you should not hire a website designer

WordPress is the favorite of most….. absolute beginners, tech-savvy business owners, bloggers, web designers, and seasoned developers.

Everybody is loves WordPress because it’s versatile, full of options, and easy to learn and use. The platform comes with a million themes and plugins that make building websites much easier.

WP Beaver Builder allows you to create a one of a kind WordPress website without code.

What is WordPress Beaver Builder?

Beaver Builder is an intuitive drag and drop page builder plugin for WordPress that builds custom websites in days not months.

Beaver Builder is a plugin yes – and a complete toolset that adds ease to WordPress website development.

Once you learn the ropes, you will put together beautiful websites relatively quickly without code. Unlike what others say, it you still need to choose and install a theme to work with the plugin. There is a Beaver Builder theme which works well with the plugin.

Beaver Builder Features Overview

Beaver Builder is Easy to Use

It’s easy to install, learn and use, and since there’s just so much you can achieve, it’s fun to play with.

It ships with an intuitive drag and drop interface. You get to build your website on the front-end, seeing the changes as your readers would see your website. It works just like the WordPress theme customizer, but better.

With Beaver Builder, even the free version is jam packed with awesome features that are ideal for real-world WordPress projects.

Fast and Lightweight

Beaver Builder runs on Bootstrap, and even with the myriad modules, there’s absolutely no bloat. The developers built Beaver Builder with clean and straight forward code, which executes instantaneously. If there’s any lag, then it has everything to do with your server, PC, or perhaps your internet connection.

Adding rows, columns, videos, testimonials, and galleries among other features is a matter of drag and drop. After which, the features show up immediately.

Since Beaver Builder utilizes the best web coding standards, don’t expect it to exhaust your server resources as is the case with many other plugins of this nature.

Beaver Builder is Fully Customizable

Beaver Builder is a complete framework. Other than the many features Beaver Builder is best known for, it comes with a unique and easy-to-customize child theme. All you have to do is install Beaver Builder and the BB theme, activate both, add your own content and hit publish.

In addition, Beaver Builder is compatible with the vast majority of WordPress themes. If, for one reason or another, you hate the pre-packaged child theme, please feel free to use your own WordPress theme.

Beaver Builder supports shortcodes and widgets, meaning you have even more room for customization.

Last but definitely not least is the fact that you get twelve pre-built homepage templates, and eleven inner page layouts such as contact, portfolio, about us and services among others. That’s more than 20 pre-made designs ready to go.

You can use a single layout or replace it with any of the templates with a single click. You can even append a template, two or more depending on your needs and preferences. There are no limits – no limits at all.

Beaver Builder SEO Ready

Search engine optimization is an important aspect of every website that wants to make it on the web. You need your website to do well in search engine result pages (SERPs). This is exactly why you need a WordPress page builder that gets you closer and closer to better SEO rankings. Beaver Builder is that page builder.

Beaver Builder uses the best SEO standards such as code compression and schema.org among others to ensure the pages you create are easy to find in search engines.

Beaver Builder is 100% Responsive

The last thing you want in this time and era is a fixed-width or rigid website that is as repulsive as a monkey in a negligee when viewed on mobile devices. Why is that so? A while back, Google announced that mobile search volume would surpass desktop search volume come 2015 going forward.

And as soon as this became a reality, Google went ahead and rolled out mobile-friendly labels in their search results. Have you seen those?

Today, your mobile prospects will know whether your site is mobile friendly long before they click through. If you’re keen, you should see how these labels will affect click through rates.

More people continue to join the smartphone revolution, and as long as the penetration of mobile devices continues to deepen, you cannot afford to build fixed-width websites. Responsive web design is the in-thing, and Beaver Builder makes it the easier to implement.

As long as your WordPress theme is responsive, every page you build using WP Beaver builder will be responsive.

A Million Modules

No limits is the way of Beaver Builder. The developers would like you to have absolutely no excuse to jump in bed with the competition. As such, they have thrown in a wide range of modules for good measure.

Multisite Capable

Beaver Builder supports multisite installs, which save you a great deal of effort.

If you are run an agency, you should check out the Agency package that comes with a network-wide control panel that gives super admins the power to configure Beaver Builder from one central point.

WooCommerce Support

You’re wrong if you thought you can only work on pages using Beaver Builder. In addition to supporting pages, posts and custom post types, you can use Beaver Builder to create a WooCommerce store drag-and-drop style.

Import/Export Functionality

Now, thanks to Beaver Builder’s in-built import/export functionality, you can take advantage of WordPress import/export tools to save your content, share your layouts with collaborators and/or migrate your site without a grain of worry.

Beaver Builder’s World-Class Support

You will get solutions within minutes, but if there are any delays as it were, they always get back to you within 24 to 48 hours. The awesome support crew is usually available Monday to Thursday from 9AM to 4PM PST and Friday from 9AM to 12PM PST.

With that out of the way, how do you setup and start building websites instantly using Beaver Builder?

Beaver Builder Wins Top DIY Web Builder Award

The question remains, are you going to try to build the site yourself or get a pro to do it for you?


Is a good website and SEO critical to the success of your business?

Duh … Yes, I think so.   A good website and SEO is most definitely critical to the success of your business. Your website is the online home of your business. Respect it and others will do the same. If you can do a great job, and have a lot of time to invest, go for it and do-it-yourself, and when you run into a snag give me a shout.


CONCLUSION: Why You Should NOT Hire A Website Designer | Top 3 Reasons

  1. You are a great website designer and SEO expert and want to do it yourself
  2. You don’t have any money, and have no choice but to do it yourself
  3.  You don’t care if your business succeeds, it’s not a business website, it’s just for fun