Mark Lovett Design  Website Development and Graphic Design in Gaithersburg, MD

Responsive Design and Mobile Websites

A huge percentage of online browsers are using smaller screen sizes like smart phones and tablets. Use of large desktop screens is declining rapidly as more people access the web on the move. Most websites that were created only a couple of years ago do not view well on small screens and I am on a mission right now using state-of-the-art technology to make sure that your website looks awesome on any size screen!

New Content Management System

In addition to poor display on smart phones, most websites that were created only a few short years ago are using old static code with unacceptable SEO. A new amazing content management system has changed the game by bringing functionality to small businesses that once only large businesses could afford. This new technology changes the old static code into new dynamic content and improves SEO dramatically. When content is added to the old static sites search engines don’t access it, conversely when content is added to this new system, when done properly, browsers pull it up the next day!

Theme Customization

I can help choose the right wordpress theme for you and your business, and customize any theme for your own unique look and functionality. I have experience with Elegant Themes, Studio Press, Woo Themes, ThemeForest and many others.

Website Redesign

If your current website is stale and needs a facelift, I can bring a fresh new look and feel to it.


I can create a store site for you to sell your products, or even add this ecommerce functionality to an existing site. The content management technology has now become affordable for small businesses. Why not create an online profit center?

Professional Photography

Have you ever seen an amazing website or other online presence that did not have amazing photographic images? I believe most small business under-estimate the value of great photography. If you wisely choose to implement it, you will gain a tremendous advantage over your competitors. Why not do so since you can get it right here?

A foundation of beautiful imagery strategically woven into a design creates a powerful, positive impact on any website or online marketing project. When my professional photography skills are utilized in combination with my web development and design, the results can be spectacular. Visit see some of my photography.

Web and Social Media Consultation

I provide expert consultation to enhance your online presence.

WordPress Search Engine Optimization Service

If you want to improve the performance of an existing site, I can analyze your content with automated tools, remove any broken links, correct page titles, keywords, description, optimize your images for Search Engines, create sitemaps and enhance the load time of your website.

WordPress Migration Service

If you need to migrate your wordpress website or blog from one location to another, I can do that for you.

I believe you will find that Mark Lovett Design provides one of the premier wordpress website design and development services in the Maryland, DC and Virginia area.