Fresh, Cutting-Edge, Innovative, Interactive Website Designs that make you stand out from the competition. I focus on the ease with which we navigate through information, the page layout and typography, and the color and graphic elements  to create a balance between design and functionality.

The web is a continually evolving medium. We have reached a point in history where over 80% of the population is online. The web site has become the “first store” or “first impression” from which a customer bases an opinion about your company. What they see and learn is the difference between whether or not you make the short list for consideration.

Some industries just need to create a visual experience while other industries have more complex products and services requiring visitors to navigate through information in a very specific way. I pride myself in my ability to understand how your site fits in your industry, and more specifically, your overall marketing plan. I use the web to its fullest capability to reach and motivate your customer.

I believe you will find that Mark Lovett Design provides one of the premier WordPress website design and development services in and around Gaithersburg, Maryland, DC and Virginia.